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  Outright Live Betting
EW: 1/4 - 1,2,3,4
Rose, Justin
Hanson, Peter
Bradley, Keegan
DeLaet, Graham
Howell III, Charles
Svoboda, Andrew
Fowler, Rickie
Palmer, Ryan
Hearn, David
Watney, Nick
Overton, Jeff
Reed, Patrick
Henry, J.J.
Jacobson, Fredrik
Thompson, Michael
Senden, John
Stroud, Chris
Sabbatini, Rory
Compton, Erik
Appleby, Stuart
Hoffman, Charley
Horschel, Billy
Hoffman, Morgan
Collins, Chad
Knox, Russell
Lingmerth, David
Bae, Sang-Moon
Tringale, Cameron
Summerhays, Daniel
Guthrie, Luke
Streb, Robert
Holmes, J.B.
Pettersson, Carl
Garnett, Brice
Thompson, Nicholas
Kelly, Jerry
Weekley, Boo
Noh, Seung-Yul
Els, Ernie
Lee, Danny
Martin, Ben
Koepka, Brooks
LaBelle II, Doug
Laird, Martin
Lee, D.H.
Lee, Richard H.
Points, D.A.
Steele, Brendan
Beckman, Cameron
Byrd, Jonathan
Villegas, Camilo
Van Pelt, Bo
Romero, Andres
Loupe, Andrew
Harrington, Padraig
Garrigus, Robert
Davis, Brian
Chappell, Kevin
Castro, Roberto
Duval, David
Wilkinson, Tim
Ogilvy, Geoff
Stefani, Shawn
Merrick, John
Levin, Spencer
Chalmers, Greg
Toms, David
Langley, Scott
Peterson, John
Immelman, Trevor
Aiken, Thomas 
Rollins, John
Cauley, Bud
Crane, Ben
Curtis, Ben
Driscoll, James
Stallings, Scott
Singh, Vijay
Yang, Y.E.
Allenby, Robert
Wilcox, Will
DiMarco, Chris
Swafford, Hudson
Looper, Ken
Owen, Greg
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