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Pune Olympia T20 Trophy

Tue 16 Apr - Match Betting

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Live Cricket In-Play

Cricket In-Play 

Cricket is a sport where plenty can happen in one match. In five day tests, players can score runs well into the hundreds or bowlers can pick up five-wicket hauls. In one day matches and especially in T20, the big hits and the runs and wickets come thick and fast. 

And with the ebb and flow of a cricket encounter changing so much, it brings great opportunities for betting. Specifically live cricket betting. With live In-Play cricket betting, you bet as the action unfolds with constantly changing live odds throughout the match. 

Whether you want to bet on the Ashes, the IPL, T20 Blast or the World Cup, you’ll find the full range of live cricket odds right here at BoyleSports across all the top cricket competitions. Plus, we even throw in a free bet for all new customers too.


How to bet on live cricket?

When your chosen match begins, you’ll see live cricket odds that update and change as the action unfolds. If you want to bet on the final day of the Ashes or the World Cup final, you’ll find the full range of live cricket odds with us at BoyleSports. 

Simply pick your betting market and make your bet. You’ll then need to watch the action unfold to see if your live bet comes in. You’ll need to be quick to grab the live cricket odds you want before they change. Remember, the odds are dictated by the action on the wicket. 

What In-Play markets are available on cricket? 

When it comes to making a bet on live cricket, the betting markets you’ll see usually focus on runs, wickets, overs and player markets.

For example if you bet on wickets, you’ll bet on when you think the next one will fall. Say the Australian batting order is collapsing under the pressure from England’s bowlers you can bet if the next one will fall in the next over for example. With runs, you can bet on how many will be scored in the next over or couple of overs. If there’s been some big hits in an IPL match you could make a live bet that there will be 16 runs scored in the next over, for example.


With player markets, you’ll make a bet on runs scored or wickets taken by an individual player. For example, whether a player currently on a half century will go the whole hog and bag a century. Or if a certain bowler will claim a hat-trick.


At BoyleSports, you’ll find the full range of live In-Play cricket betting markets, plus outright cricket betting and plenty of cricket specials too. 

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