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Hungarian Grand Prix
Fri 19 Jul 2024 - 12:30
Race Winner - EW 1/3 1,2 Cash Out
Combine 2 or 3

Choose up to any selections below to combine your odds and improve your chances of winning.

Combined Odds
Verstappen, Max
Norris, Lando
Hamilton, Lewis
Russell, George
Piastri, Oscar
Leclerc, Charles
Sainz Jr, Carlos
Perez, Sergio
Alonso, Fernando
Hulkenberg, Nico

F1 Motorsport Betting & Odds

F1 Motorsport Betting

When it comes to motorsport betting, nothing else quite competes with Formula 1. Formula One offers a wealth of betting opportunities, with a diverse range of Formula 1 betting markets. With BoyleSports you can bet on a grand prix race winner, the fastest lap, and the overall winner of the Drivers’ or Constructors’ Championship. You can analyse the latest data to inform your F1 betting, but the beauty of Formula One racing is that anything can happen once the cars leave the grid.


To put your Formula One betting in pole position, here’s what you need to know about F1 betting. We’ll explain how to bet on Formula 1, the types of bets you can place, how F1 betting odds work, and our top tips for Formula 1 betting.

How do I bet on Formula One with BoyleSports?

We offer a selection of F1 betting markets at BoyleSports, with some of our most popular bets including:

Winner of the Drivers’ Championship: Place an outright bet on who will top the Drivers’ Championship table.

Winner of the Constructors’ Championship: Make an outright bet on which team will win the Constructors' Championship.

Race winner: Bet on which driver will win a specific grand prix race.

Podium finish: Bet on a driver to finish in one of the top three positions.

Fastest lap: Bet on which driver will complete the fastest lap for a grand prix.

Driver matchups: Place a head-to-head bet on whether a certain driver will outperform another.

To place your first Formula 1 bet with BoyleSports, first you’ll need to create an account with us. Once you’re registered, you’ll be able to place bets on the result of the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships, and get involved with F1 betting on individual grand prix. You’ll find all our Formula One betting markets right here on this page, plus our latest F1 betting odds. Once you’ve found a bet you want to make, click on the odds next to it to add that bet to your betslip.

You can see your betslip at the top right of this page, listing all the bets you’ve picked. Add your Stake (the amount you want to wager) to each one in the box next to its odds. Once done, you’ll see your Total Stake wagered at the bottom. Plus your Total Potential Return, that shows how much you’d win if all your bets are successful. Click on the button below to place all the bets on your betslip.

To make sure your F1 betting stays fun, always gamble responsibly. Only bet with money you can afford to lose. Set a limit each time you gamble, and make sure you don’t exceed that limit. Walk away from your losses rather than trying to chase winnings to make up for them.

How do odds work in Formula One?

F1 betting odds are written as fractions, just as most sports betting odds are in the UK and Ireland. 

For example, Red Bull Racing might be 8/1 to win the Monaco Grand Prix. This means they’re judged to have a one in eight chance of winning. If you placed a successful £1 bet on Red Bull Racing, you’d win £8. Plus you’d get your £1 back, for a total of £9.

Often, fractional odds are a little more complicated than this example, yet the same rules apply. Consider the example of 13/4 odds. If you made a successful £4 bet, you’d get £13 of winnings, plus your £4 stake back for a total of £17. If you made a successful £1 bet, you’d get £3.25 of winnings, and your £1 stake back for a total of £4.25.

Below you’ll find some more examples of fractional odds and payouts to make sure they’re clear:




Stake returned

Total winnings


























F1 betting odds are influenced by a wide range of factors that can include: 

- Driver and team recent performances

- Past performances in previous years on that track

- Results in practice and qualifying

- Qualifying position 

- The characteristics of the track

- The weather

Tips for Formula One betting

Formula 1 is a highly technical sport that relies just as much on the performance of the car and the supporting team as it does on the driver behind the wheel. This means you’ve got plenty to consider when it comes to Formula one betting, such as:

Track characteristics

Each track is unique and often favours certain drivers and cars. Look at past performances on a track and pay close attention to practice and qualifying times to get an idea of which drivers and teams are thriving on a circuit.

Car performance and upgrades

As teams redesign their cars in the off-season, there can be dramatic changes in competitiveness, as some teams get it right and others struggle to get the best out of a new car. Keep an eye on upgrades and changes made throughout the season too, as these can all impact performance. 


Driver form and experience

Some drivers can hit a run of form, whereas others can take a knock to their confidence and fall down the standings (take a look at Daniel Ricciardo’s career for a roller coaster example of this). Be aware of a driver’s recent performance, and their past performance on specific circuits.

Qualifying results

One of the best ways to judge a driver’s and car’s odds is to follow their performance in qualifying. A driver and team that do well in practice and qualifying and that start high on the grid will have a good chance of finishing in a podium position.

Weather conditions

If the weather is good and the track is hot, it shouldn’t have much impact on performance. But if the track cools, or it becomes wet from rain, drivers that are more experienced and adept at driving in bad conditions may fare better.

Use betting resources

The performance of F1 cars and drivers is closely watched and you can find plenty of data and expert opinion online to inform your Formula One betting. Follow Formula 1 news, get familiar with F1 statistics, and pay attention to expert analysis and opinions, including our very own BoyleSports blog.

What are the top Formula One races to bet on?

The typical F1 season sees 20 drivers and 10 teams competing across more than 20 circuits, usually between 22 to 24. New tracks are often added to the schedule, whilst some are classics that have been raced on for decades (close to 100 years in some cases). Special F1 races and bets to look out for include:

Formula One World Championship

Of course, one of the best Formula One bets you can place is on the outcome of the whole F1 season. With BoyleSports, you can place outright F1 bets on the Formula One World Championship, on both the Drivers’ Championship and the Constructors’ Championship.

Monaco Grand Prix

One of the oldest grand prix in the schedule, and a nail-bitingly exciting one. The Monaco Grand Prix is held on the streets of Monte Carlo where overtaking is particularly risky, and where racing needs to be tight and precise to avoid collisions.

British Grand Prix

Held at the world-famous Silverstone Circuit, the British Grand Prix is home territory for many of the UK-based F1 teams and is a race that’s always hotly contested. Silverstone is a thrilling track, with high-speed sections and plenty of rapid changes of direction. Often it sees lots of upsets.

Other notable races

Every F1 grand prix is unique, but some of the most popular races to bet on include:

Italian Grand Prix: The fifth oldest grand prix in the world, held at Monza each season, and very much Ferrari’s home turf.

Belgian Grand Prix: First raced in 1925, the Belgian Grand Prix is held at Spa-Francorchamps and is known for its frequently unpredictable weather that can quickly shake-up race standings.

Singapore Grand Prix: A unique event in the racing calendar, Singapore was the first street race to be held in Asia and the very first F1 night race.

Formula one betting is the perfect way to add even more excitement to the world’s best in motor racing. Create your BoyleSports account then place your first F1 bet today.

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